We love telling stories and every bit of the storytelling process - from ideation and production to delivery on multiple platforms. When we collaborate with industry partners, we create a powerhouse of collective knowledge and best practice to bring you quality content in numerous formats – from music and lifestyle videos to short films and animation series.


Missing In Action (Asian TV Awards Winner)

Awarded Best Branded Content at the Asian Television Awards 2021, and nominated for the Best Single Digital Programme or Short Film, this film showcases the special bond between fathers and daughters; and one daughter’s admiration for her father’s selfless acts. This film is a tribute to all our everyday heroes, who defend our nation and our way of life, while juggling family and work commitments.


Ah Ma (Asian TV Awards Nominee)

Nominated for three Asian Television Awards (Best Script Writing, Best Single Digital Programme or Short Film, and Best Leading Female Performance – Digital in 2021), this light-hearted short film pays tribute to the special relationship between grandmothers and their “coming of age” grandsons who are training to be soldiers. No Ah Mas or Ah Boys were harmed in this production!


He’s Not the One (Asian TV Awards Nominee)

If relationships in normal times are tough, relationships during National Service (NS) are tougher. So Drama! Entertainment’s first romantic-comedy short film commemorates 55 years of NS. It explores the emotional sacrifices young couples make, as one young man answers the call to serve the nation. Actress Michelle Wong was nominated for Best Leading Female Performance – Digital, in the Asian Television Awards 2022.


Ops Balik Kampung

This comical and light-hearted short film hails a young soldier as the neighbourhood hero, as he rescues  those in need by using the smarts he’s gleaned from his military training. It’s a reminder that a soldier’s job is never done, and that every neighbourhood could do with a hero like Danial.