Total Defence Interactive Video 2023

Ah ma is an affable grandmother who wants to make the world a better place. But when she overthinks the ways to guard against crisis and disruptions, her wild imagination takes her to unexpected situations.

Check out the interactive video at and make choices that will determine Ah ma and her grandson’s day!


Joy of Feasting with Chef Shamsydar: Ibu’s Boujee Rendang Minang

From the frying pan into the fire! POWER 98 LOVE SONGS DJs JK and Mike get into the fray, literally, as Chef Syamsydar demonstrates how to whip up sumptuous meals for loved ones at home. The amazing cook from MasterChef Singapore shows us how to make her delicious Ibu’s Boujee Rendang in the Joy of Feasting, an in-house original video series made for fans and foodies.


BMW Radio Advertisement

A radio ad for BMW’s one-day flash event produced by our coterie of artistic talents and producers.