The Music & Drama Company (MDC) was first formed in 1973 to strengthen the morale of SAF soldiers through live entertainment. It has come a long way from performing on a makeshift stage formed by three-tonners to a highly professional company capable of staging multimedia song and dance performances, musicals, music videos, and much more. Even as MDC evolves, it continues with its proud heritage of performing for soldiers, with soldiers.

Let our in-house team of music wizards help you hit the right note! Our team of musicians, music producers, performers and choreographers from MDC come with an impressive track record of original compositions, choreography and artistic performances to contribute to the success of any campaign.


NS55 “Back In The Day” Music Video (Asian TV Awards Nominee)

Nominated for Best Music Video at the Asian Television Awards 2022, the rousing and upbeat number celebrates the collective experience of national servicemen across generations and their contributions to Singapore’s defence and security. Performed by national servicemen from MDC – Lance Corporal (LCP)(NS) Kevin Brendan and rap artist Axel Brizzy [Corporal (CPL)(NS) Axel Teoh] – the MV pays tribute to national servicemen over the years.

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Music & Drama Company’s 50th Anniversary Feature in The Straits Times

The Music & Drama Company celebrated its 50th anniversary in 2023 with a series of live performances, an anniversary album, and more! Read about its legacy from the past five decades and all its famous alumni and current artistes here.

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Dance Monkey

To kickstart celebrations for Youth Day, the Music & Drama Company put together their favourite TikTok moves to a special a cappella cover of Dance Monkey.


Here For You

This music video underscores how mental turmoil can find solace in companionship.

Musicians trapped in solitary cages and dancers portraying the “monsters” in our heads, combined with flashing lights, harsh percussive notes and whip-pan camera movements all create the unease and chaos of a troubled psyche.

But peace is regained when everybody comes together to create beautiful, uplifting music. The duet between the violins illustrate friendship, and is a powerful reminder that when we help one another through difficulties, we will feel better, together.


International Tap Dance Video

Nominated for Best Music Video at the Asian Television Awards 2021, this video recreates the magic and nostalgia of performing as one big family while adhering to Covid-19 safe management measures through the use of technology.


NDP 2021: Singapura Sunny Island

Music and dance come together in this rendition of 'Singapura Sunny Island'! Our 2021 take on the well-loved folk song where MDC bassist Ben Poh adds a jazzy twist to the collaboration with dancers, Marcus Leong & Leonard Yee.


Semoga Bahagia

Inspired by Zubir Said’s quote “You should hold up the sky of the land where you live”, the Music & Drama Company sends a drone weaving through Gardens by the Bay in pursuit of four young Singaporeans. And in doing so, captures the forward-looking spirit that has kept Singapore going in the music video of this well-loved song.


National Day Observance Ceremony (NDOC) 2023

National Day Observance Ceremony 2023 is an exciting musical revue that celebrates the rich heritage of Singaporean music. The show features a talented cast of performers who take you on a journey through the different eras of Singaporean music, from the rock of the 1960s, to the bops of the 80s, and the hits of today.

With humorous hosts and dazzling choreography, NDOC 2023 immersed the audience in a sea of local music as they experience a truly Singaporean musical journey, exploring how far the nation has come and looking forward to the possibilities of the future.