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We tell the story.

So Drama! Entertainment (previously SAFRA Radio) is a Singapore media company that brings you quality content and entertainment out of our passion for our nation. We inject our four established brands – 88.3JIA, Music & Drama Company, PIONEER and POWER 98 LOVE SONGS – with fun and creativity, always. Equipped with a team of creative unicorns and world-class facilities, we know your audiences and how to reach them effectively through varied products and a multitude of platforms, be it short films, web series, music videos, original compositions, live performances or virtual events; over the airwaves, online, or on stage.

Start the journey with us and be part of our story!

Why So Drama?

Either go all the way or don’t go at all – that’s our mantra. So whether we reach you on air, on stage, online, or in print, expect to be surprised! Awesome content and dramatic results are our goals. So come on, embrace the drama with us! After all, what’s life without a little bit of drama!

NS Mark - Gold

So Drama! Entertainment is proud to declare our support for National Service and Total Defence, the cornerstone of Singapore’s continued stability and prosperity, through the NS Mark accreditation.