We love telling stories. We love every bit of the storytelling process - from ideation and production to delivery on multiple platforms. When we collaborate with industry partners, we create a powerhouse of collective knowledge and best practice to bring you quality content in numerous formats – from music and lifestyle videos to short films and animation series.

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“Ah Ma” Short Film
This light-hearted short film pays tribute to the special relationship between grandmothers and their “coming of age” grandsons who are training to be soldiers. No Ah Mas or Ah Boys were harmed in this production!
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Balik Kampung
This comical and light-hearted short film hails a young soldier as the neighbourhood hero and subtly suggests that national service trains our soldiers to be smart, helpful and willing to come to the rescue of those in need of help. The military elements woven into the plot underscores the positive message that a soldier’s job is never done and that his training will stand him in good stead even when he is out of his military environment.
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Speak Good English Movement: Back To School! – At The Doctor’s
Who says you can’t have fun while you learn? Our radio DJs show you how! Commissioned by the Speak Good English Movement, DJs from both stations (88.3JIA and POWER 98 LOVE SONGS) promote good English through a series of fun, bite-sized online content titled ‘Let’s Connect, Let’s Play’.
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Joy of Feasting with Chef Shamsydar: Ibu’s Boujee Rendang Minang
From the frying pan into the fire! POWER 98 LOVE SONGS DJs JK and Mike get into the fray, literally, as Chef Syamsydar demonstrates how to whip up sumptuous meals for loved ones at home. The amazing cook from MasterChef Singapore shows us how to make her delicious Ibu’s Boujee Rendang in the Joy of Feasting, an in-house original video series made for fans and foodies.
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Ah Ma Gets Vaccinated
Ah Ma is back! This time, let’s find out if her grandson manages to convince her to go for her Covid-19 jab. This warm and light-hearted story tries to help seniors understand the importance of taking the vaccine and that it not only protects themselves, but their loved ones too.