Tech & Assets

Bolt™ High-Speed Camera Robot

SDE’s Bolt™ High-Speed Camera Robot is the fastest of its kind. Capable of moving up to 5 metres per second, the Bolt can execute any number of complex camera movements with pinpoint accuracy for new levels of dynamic high-speed camera tracking shots. Coupled with the Phantom Flex high speed camera that shoots at 1000 frames per second, we’ve got the dream team to achieve stunning and special effects shots.

Drones Videography

SDE has a dedicated team of highly skilled and experienced drone pilots to provide aerial photography and drone videography services.

Motion Capture

SDE’s Xsens Link systems allows for the motion capture of two subjects simultaneously. The real-life movements recorded can be used to animate 3D characters. The Xsens Link systems is mobile and can be deployed anywhere, without being confined to the studio.

Phantom Flex4K Camera

SDE’s Phantom Flex4K camera has been designed specifically for professional cinema applications and delivers low noise, high resolution 4K imaging at super 35mm format. With up to 1,000 fps in 4K, the images are compatible with major color grading and video editing applications, and support standard sync-sound frame rates.

Soundstage 3 @ Infinite Studios

SDE operates in an 18,000 sqft soundstage at Infinite Studios in Mediapolis, accompanied by more than 10,000 square-feet of supporting production offices, dressing rooms, and an equipment room. Our 12 x 12 x 6 metre L-shape green screen environment with a hoisted thrust system fulfils lighting and rigging needs for productions. With an “elephant door” entrance, we can drive most vehicles —  even tanks into our studio for a shoot.

Radio Conti / Broadcast

The place where the magic happens – playing the best mix of songs you know and love, keeping you entertained with the latest trends and having honest conversations with celebrities, sending nothing but #goodvibesonly across the airwaves.